Pursue Your Human Spirit

Client: Amaro Montenegro
Production: Raduno
Creative Direction: Sayoko Osada
Production Design: Kristen Dempsey
Theatrical Director: Brandon Santoro
Producer: Meredith Boggia

All photos by Luis Ruiz
Commissioned by Amaro Montenegro and consulting firm Raduno, I wrote and directed a unique roaming bar experience in hidden parts of Bushwick to introduce Amaro Montenegro tasting with an avant-garde twist.

Pulling references from the brand story about the protagonist finding ingredients across the globe, I developed a site-specific immersive theatre where guests are guided by “eclectic neighbors” representing the spirit of Amaro Montenegro’s theme Human Spirit.

In collaboration with production designer, Kristen Dempsey, I conceptualized distinct bartender characters and tasting experiences per serving method, and developed experience flow and art direction for the story to unfold. Guests are guided to “hidden bars” and take on a series of challenges using curiosity, creativity, and compassion. 

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Human Spirit: Creativity
Sensorial Experience: Color
Serving: Amaro with Lime

Bartender: Zest

Bar Environment

Tasting Experience


Human Spirit: Curiosity
Sensorial Experience: Nose
Serving: Amaro with Ice

Bartender: Essence

Bar Environment

Tasting Experience


Human Spirit: Compassion
Sensorial Experience: Taste
Serving: Amaro with Tonic

Bartender: Bel

Bar Environment

Tasting Experience

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